Why I am Running:

The Salem Municipal Court is a community court. It belongs to the people of Salem. I have experienced the issues people have been forced to deal with at the Municipal Courthouse, and if elected, I will provide the City of Salem with solutions.

In April, 2017 a survey was done regarding the Salem Municipal Court and those working in it. The survey very clearly pointed to some negative aspects - primarily the efficiency of the court and the approach taken by the presiding judge. The full results of this survey can be seen here.

After reviewing this survey, hearing comments from my peers in the legal community and experiencing the inefficiency of the Municipal Courthouse first-hand, I decided to take action.

I am running for office to bring Fair treatment to the citizens, Consistent scheduling and policies to the courtroom, and Respect for the people, resources and tax dollars on which this city depends on.

My goal is to improve access to justice in Salem. If elected, I will streamline court procedures and sentencing framework. I believe police officer and attorney time is valuable and they should be able to estimate the time spent in a courtroom. Over the last decade, the court has almost tripled the budget ($66,530 to $175,000) to hire pro-tem (substitute) judges. I believe the court can run far more efficiently and I would like the opportunity to improve it.

Help me incorporate innovative solutions to ongoing problems by voting for 'Melissa Parker' on May 15, 2018

It's time for change.













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